A special collection of 3,500 PotHeads chillin' on the Cardano blockchain.

We are so excited to share this project with you guys. We’ve dedicated an ENORMOUS amount of our love, crafting a collection that perfectly represents our passion for art and counterculture.

PotHeads are uniquely HAND DRAWN…and you can tell. Each detail was meticulously handcrafted on paper first, then scanned into the computer to be colorized.

We set out to be different—because we are different. We do things our way—a special way. A way that includes, appreciates, loves, and admires everyone and their uniqueness. We aim to bring awesome people from all over the world together, to be buds and cherish our individuality.

Together, as a community, we will all get the unique opportunity to decide the future of PotHeads! Opportunities to participate are in PotHead Paradise, our Discord.

PotHeads are bringing GOOD MUSIC with our 24/7 PotHeads Radio—a curated collection of jams that make you feel.

In PotHead Paradise, we are all sitting around the campfire sharing honest and meaningful conversation. This space will always be a safe and calming place to hangout. So kick up a chair next to the fire and join our conversation!

Find the PotHead that perfectly represents your love for life and art. This is for us—this is for you—this is for everyone!



Coming Soon...


Ok so here is our problem with roadmaps. They suck. Always filled with empty promises and rarely allow the community to participate in the project's decisions along the way.

At some point during the NFT craze, NFT's became synonymous with trying to make a quick buck. NFT's started as an avenue for smaller artists to have their works seen by collectors who enjoy supporting them. Thus PotHeads was born–to share our special art with the world and grow a fun community of cool people.

Of course there are perks for PotHead holders, but we encourage you to purchase for your love of the art and the community around it.

We are just as excited for this journey as you are! Together, as a community, we will all get the unique opportunity to decide the future of PotHeads!

PotHeads set out to spread love, music, and art and will always fulfill their promise on that!

Join PotHead Paradise, our Discord, to participate in the upcoming decisions!


How many PotHeads are in the collection?


When is the drop?

6/30/22—7pm UTC

How do I mint?

Click the "Buy CNFT" button on this page. No whitelist or presale!

How much will they cost?

60 ADA

How many PotHeads can I mint per transaction?

1 per transaction, no limit per wallet.

Can I mint multiple PotHeads using 2 or more browsers?

No, the system shows an address based on the IP address. You won't be able to mint 2 or more at the same time under the same IP address.

Which wallet should I use?

Please use a Cardano Shelley-Era wallet such as Yoroi, Daedalus, AdaLite, Nami or Eternl to send your ADA. DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RECEIVE YOUR POTHEAD AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ADA.

What if I buy a PotHead after they are sold out?

A refund will automatically be issued when your transaction is processed. It may take some time to be refunded.

I received the confirmation on the website, but still haven't received my PotHead. When will I receive my PotHead?

Transactions can take anywhere from 2 minutes to a few hours to complete. For faster transaction times, set up a fresh wallet just for this drop.

Are you verified on any marketplaces?

PotHeads are verified on JPG.store and CNFT.tools

What’s The Utility?

Aside from owning a beautiful piece of hand-drawn art, PotHead holders get a few perks! All holders will have the unique opportunity to decide the future of PotHeads. They can also enter to win more PotHeads, ADA, and PotHead merchandise—all handcrafted and all 1/1!
(Not contingent on the project selling out)

If you mint a special Musician PotHead, you will automatically win one professional quality instrument! We’ve never seen this done before! (Contingent on the project selling out)

Whoever owns the most PotHeads will receive a 1/1, hand sculpted, head-turning, functional/decorative, life-sized PotHead art piece!
(Contingent on the project selling out)

What is a policy ID and why is it important?

Fakes are all around the CNFT space. The best way to avoid purchasing a fake CNFT is by double-checking that the policy ID of any CNFT you are looking to buy matches the one given to you by the creators of the project.

How many CNFTs will your team keep?

We are keeping ZERO (0) PotHeads for ourselves. PotHeads are special, but we don’t get special treatment! If we want one of these unique beauties, we will have to hop in the queue and purchase them like you guys! TWENTY (20) PotHeads will be given away, some before and after the mint.